Losing Weight Post Illness

Cancer is a really nasty disease; the treatments aren’t really much fun either. However, chemo and radiotherapy can have some interesting side effects. One of which is retaining fat which once the therapy is done usually goes, however in some cases, it sticks around like a bad penny.

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If you’ve ever had cancer or a serious illness, it is always best to seek medical advice from your doctor, but as a rule of thumb, eating healthier will result in you feeling better in yourself and also weight loss. It is also a good idea to have a body MOT, just to ensure that everything is working as it should before deciding to diet. One of the biggest problems people have when trying to lose a few pounds is due to something in the body, such as thyroid problems.

When losing weight post illness, the most important thing that I can stress is exercise. Never mind fad diets or fat club, fresh air and exercise coupled with a healthier diet will see you far better. As mentioned above, the weight normally comes off quite easily and is pretty easy to keep off all it takes is a little bit of willpower and a change in diet.

You don’t need to eat fried eggs, try poached or boiled instead. Also listen to your body. If it’s not hungry, don’t feed it, if it’s peckish, have an apple, if it’s hungry, have a light meal such as a tasty ploughman’s salad (Normal salad with Pate, Cheddar Cheese and an Apple).

The idea is to eat small and often. This will help you beat cravings and hunger pangs as your body is never running on ‘low’, also if you’re eating smaller meals more often, it will keep your mind busy and stop you craving the chocolate in the fridge!

Alcohol is also a treat the number of empty calories in booze is astronomical. Granted it’s a fabulous appetite suppressant, but, alas, it’s also full of empty calories and once the booze has worn off, you want to eat, thus you eat and you have more calories in your body. Tea, Coffee and Water are not only better for you, but you’ll appreciate an ice cold beer or a sophisticated Chardonnay much more after a little abstinence.

If you do insist on drinking when dieting, try and opt for weak spirits (Gin and slim line tonic, Vermouth and diet lemonade, Vodka and Diet Coke) and most importantly, don’t forget to eat!

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