Eating Smaller Portions

The biggest problem when trying to lose a little bit of ‘excess baggage’ always boils down to one thing. We need to eat. Like it or not, if we don’t eat, it’s like trying to run a car with no fuel. However, a few simple adjustments (I refuse to use the word ‘Hack’!) can make the world of difference.

Firstly, just because your plate is 12 inches doesn’t mean you have to fill the entire surface. If you find yourself filling the plate and can’t stop yourself, use a smaller plate, you can always have seconds if you are still hungry. Secondly, you have a freezer, so use it. Just because you’ve made enough to feed the US military for a week doesn’t mean you must eat it in one go.

Portion it off and chuck it in the freezer, that way you have homemade ‘ready meals’. Thirdly; CHEW! We were given teeth for a reason. On a recent trip to the States, I was overwhelmed by the portion sizes and that people could actually finish them.

I also noted that the majority (a lot of whom would be deemed obese) didn’t properly chew their food. I have never seen a 12 inch hotdog disappear so fast! Chewing your food prolongs the time it takes to ingest and also gives your brain enough time to catch up with your stomach.

Granted, if you’re still hungry after a meal, feel free to pad it out with some bread or a tasty treat afterwards, but be aware that it takes around 15 minutes (around the same time it takes to actually eat a meal) for food to hit the stomach and the brain to recognize that you’ve eaten. We have marvellous bodies, but alas, the brain is a little slow to pick up on the eating thing.

When losing weight, something that can seriously help is padding meals out with vegetables. Such as big side salad or padding out a rich lasagne with peppers, added cherry tomatoes and any other Mediterranean vegetables you can get your hands on.

You can still have a hearty meal while cutting out the fat. Most meats are very fatty, especially mince, however, bulking it out with vegetables not only cuts the fat, it cuts the cost and boosts the flavour.

One final word of advice is allowing a cheat day when you diet for 5 days treat yourself for 2 days for example Tuesday and Saturday. This will make the reward centre of the brain want to carry on.

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