Dancing to Aid Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, it is often you’ll get bored, be that with the gym or eating copious amounts of hummus and celery. So why not take up dancing? There are a variety of types, from Jazz to Ballet, Tap to Waltz.

All of these require a certain amount of self discipline (usually painful for the first few sessions!) however, you’ll not only be learning an art, and you’ll be enjoying new types of music, and ultimately, exercising. Yoga is all well and good, but with no music it can become tedious.

Dancing on the other hand, you can get into the rhythm and be enlightened by different types of music. Now no one expects you to do a perfect pas de Basque or arabesque first time round,  these things come with time, however, you’ll be burning fat and calories all the time you’re practicing (by the way, pas de Basque is easier in soft shoes!).

As someone with 2 left feet and a lack of rhythm, I can tell you, it is hard work, but utterly enjoyable and that sense of achievement when you finally get it right is indescribable. It takes time, and your legs will ache for a bit, but like all other forms of exercise, with the pleasure comes a little bit of pain, though it doesn’t last long!

If you go in to the gym you’re usually subjected to dirty looks from the regulars, who treat it like a Women’s Institute meeting, when going to a dance class you’ll tend to find (although there are cliques) a much more welcoming atmosphere and knowing that everyone is there for one sole purpose is really helpful.

When dancing you will also find you get lost in the music and nothing else matters, and should you be depressed or suffering from a mental health issue, music and exercise are far better therapy than any therapist can provide!

Dance shoes can be picked up fairly cheap, actually cheaper than most running shoes! So should you decide to take up any type of dance, you’ll be able to find shoes to fit your budget. Be aware however, it can be frustrating when you can’t quite pick something up, but if you practice, it will come. It took me nearly 12 months to do a decent pas de Basque and 18 months to do an arabesque!

If you do wish to combine dancing and Phentermine then please do place and order directly from our website, there are a small number of side effects when taking Phentermine and as such it may be beneficial for you do familiarise yourself with those side effects before you start to take Phentermine so you are aware of each of them.