Creating a Healthier Eating Plan

The joys of diets! However, dieting isn’t all that bad. You see, fruit and vegetables are full of flavour. We seem to have been brainwashed into serving everything with meat or fish, and copious amounts too.

A vegetarian diet isn’t 100% ideal however once or twice a week could be very beneficial to your weight loss. There are thousands of ways to enjoy vegetables without compromising flavour and the most beautiful thing about it is you’ll appreciate meat and fish much more while also saving cash!

If you’re kitchen inclined, experiment with recipes. Just because a book tells you to use something doesn’t mean you can’t substitute it to your own tastes. Some people hate mushrooms so add extra onions, some people hate onions so add extra potatoes. Simply put, it’s your palette you’re pleasing, so make it as you like it.

The beauty of cooking is you design it to suit your tastes and there is no rule book. If you enjoy smoked salmon and baked beans, that’s your choice! The only thing I can stress is that if you’re cooking, make sure it’s healthy. Dry fry or grill as much as you can and if you’re doing a large meal, portion of the leftovers and freeze them for a quick and easy meal.

As an example, you can make a rich bolognaise using all vegetables and keep it frozen as a stock for soups, chilli, tacos, meat bolognaise and many other things, and due to the vegetables in the sauce, you’ll need to use far less meat, thus lowering your fat intake.

It’s also a good idea to cook big batches of food and freeze them. If for example you’re not working Saturday and Sunday, once a month cook enough to feed the 5000, portion off and freeze them. This way your family have nutritious meals that simply need microwaving for a quick meal. Also it means you have more time, and it’s cheaper!

The advantage to a 2 day vegetarian diet is it’s also good for your digestive system. Vegetables and fruit are full of antioxidants which basically make you flush your system out of any impurities. There are advantages for teens too.

Acne is caused by hormones, but not helped by ingesting fat, within a few weeks a teenager will see an improvement in their acne and also see a reduction in how greasy their hair is. The joys of being a teenager!

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